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Turnout Tuesday


Tuesday, April 10th


5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Phillip Rush Center
1530 Dekalb Ave NE
GA 30307
For April’s Turnout Tuesday, we’ll be joined by some of our team members at NARAL Pro-Choice America to do some public education work on fake women’s health centers by knocking on our neighbors doors. So come with your walking shoes on and get ready to make a difference! Haven’t heard of fake women’s health centers? You may have heard these referred to as crisis pregnancy centers — they advertise and represent themselves as health care professionals, yet they deceive and shame patients, lie about medical facts, and they aren’t even real medical facilities. And in Georgia, our state funds them! All while Georgia divests in lifesaving and critical medical care, and while our maternal mortality rates skyrocket. This must end! #EndTheLies
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